Photo Both Hire Gold Coast



If you’ve been to a wedding with a photo booth you’ll know that it’s just what every wedding reception needs (besides a great DJ, cocktails, lighting  and an awesome MC). In recent years they’ve become a wedding entertainment staple, and for good reason! Not only does In the Booth give your guests fantastic entetainment for the entire reception, you also get a unique photographic record of the evening in a wonderfully relaxed and candid way. Unquestionably, if your guests aren’t dancing or eating, we can guarantee you will find them in the booth!!

Undoubtedly photo booths draw in your guests with a kind of magnetic attraction. If you’re asking yourself what your guests will have to keep them entertained at your wedding reception, we guarantee the answer is a booth! Not to mention the squeals of excitement coming from inside the booth never fail to bring a laugh from everyone on the outside. There’s nothing quite as fun as guests scrambling to be picture-perfect when the camera snaps!

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