Jukebox Hire Gold Coast

Cliffhangers Karaoke Jukeboxes (2 off) were the only Karaoke machines selected for the Athletes Village at the Comm Games Gold Coast 2018..Why?…..The best music selection, the Best looking and the easiest to use…BRING YOUR PARTY ALIVE with our Classic Retro look!!

jukebox Hire

Gold Coast Karaoke machine


*Jukebox & Photobooth……. SAVE $$$

*Jukebox & Twin Cocktail machine 

*Jukebox & LED Light up Bar Tables

*Jukebox & Up-lighting


Digital Audio Jukebox

Cliffhanger’s Jukeboxes have changed a lot since we started back in the late 80s! After years of CD jukeboxes and then the change to the digital era, we at Cliffhangers decided at the turn of the century 2000 to manufacture our own machines. We wanted the half round original vintage look with chrome and colour and a real authentic look. That’s exactly what we did and look at how they turned out. Strong tough machines with the great rock n roll look with a new digital format operation system on the inside and a powerful sound system as well. Updated music and easy to get around. Includes 4300 audio tracks.You can select the music in the order you want the songs or you can set different categories onto random play…they are so easy to use. each year we are fully booked out for the Cooly Rocks because no one else has the Wurlitzer style look.


Karaoke Jukeboxes

Really bring your party to a new level, All those great sing-a-long tracks that turns your party into fun fun fun!!! 2 Microphones and easy touch screen operation. Includes 4300 audio songs as above in our audio jukebox plus …… YES……..wait for it 4000 Karaoke tracks. Our karaoke machines bring your party alive!!!!!!!!

 Our Jukeboxes are for sale we make 3- 4 only per year. Pricing including the Wurlitzer style with sound system & operating system & music is $8950

Download the Song Lists

We have three jukebox hire options available…

Digital Audio Jukebox

  • Approx 4500 songs PLUS NOW WITH 2000VIDEO CLIPS

  • Full Digital Quality Sound & Touch screen

  • Easy to Use

  • Microphone Included (for speeches etc)

Digital Karaoke Jukebox

  • Approx 4500 audio songs PLUS NOW WITH 2000 VIDEO CLIPS

  • PLUS 4000 karaoke tracks

  • Full Digital Quality Sound & Touch screen

  • Two microphones

Digital Video Jukebox

    • Approx 4500 audio songs PLUS NOW WITH 2000 VIDEO CLIPS

  • Full Digital Quality Sound

  • Karaoke Function with 4200 songs (approx

  • Easy to Use touch screen

  • 2 x microphones

  • Optional 1 x TV screen for karaoke words (optional)

What Cliffhangers Jukebox offers You :

*The Classic half round 60’s look Jukeboxes with real Chrome…Only one on the GC with this look.

*Fantastic powerful great sound system

*A microphone with volume control with every Jukebox hire & 2 mics with every Karaoke Jukebox Hire.

*4500 Audio songs, 4500 Karaoke tracks, & 2000 Video Clips

*Delivery & Pick Up

*Ipod connection to easily plug your phone or ipad into.

We hire the classic Wurlitzer 1960s look with real chrome! Plus Photo-booth Hire. plus Cocktail machines packages….We also make these jukeboxes ourselves right here on the Gold Coast……..9000 songs from the 50s,60s,70s,80s,90s till the current top 40…Touch screen machines ….Plus our Karaoke jukebox  comes with 2 mics…and we also provide an i-pod connection for an extra touch!!!!!!!! Our prices include delivery and pick up. Repeat customers receive an extra bonus.