Cocktail Machine Hire Gold Coast

Slushy/Cocktail/Daiquiri Machines – Book on  0414 519170 or email us and check out the different options. Huge amount of beautiful flavours available…Single double or triple machines.

Take advantage of our fantastic package pricing where you can save money and get some extra bonus disco lights etc free!!!

Yes we can now supply you with the best value for money cocktail machine machines available. We have a huge variety of delicious flavours to deliver tasty frozen cocktails and slushys for all types of events and functions. We deliver and pick up  Single bowl, Twin bowl and Triple bowl slushie machines.  All our slushie mix comes as non alcoholic, but you are welcome to add alcohol to t

he mix to make delicious cocktails, daiquiri’s and

margaritas. We can send you the alcohol recommendations for each flavour. email us now

We also have packages available when you book a DJ and a Cocktail machine hire  or a Jukebox and a Cocktail machine , Jukebox & lights, cocktail machine and Illuminated  furniture…just tell us what your after and we can generally put the package together. Email or ring now and we will send you your cocktail flavour options for you.

Single – $180  

Twin Cocktail Machine $245 (our most popular hire)

Triple – $345 and

Quad (or 2 Twin machines) -$450

We will require a $100 deposit directly into the bank  and the balance in cash on delivery.


Banana You’ll go monkey for this one.Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Blue Hawaiian – A little taste of Hawaii. Blue Curacao flavouring and pineapple juice.
Drink with: 1000ml of White Rum
Blue Lemonade Feel like a kid again. Blue lemonade
just how you like it. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Bubblegum – Delicious bubble gum flavour which will bring fun to any function. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Burbon & ColaA classic Aussie favourite, definitely one for the boys. Cola flavour. Drink with: 1000ml of Bourbon
Carribean Queen – A truly passionate affair. Passionfruit, pineapple juice and sweet & sour mix .Drink with: 1000ml vodka or 1000ml
Bacardi Rum – Cherry Delight tastes like a delicious choc coated cherry chocolate bar. Drink with: 500ml of Kahlua, and 500ml of Baileys. Also add 8L of fresh milk.
Chocolate Mudslide – A treat for the chocolate lovers. Chocolate and cream. Drink with: 500ml of Kahlua & 500ml
of Baileys Coconut Island. Sit back and sip on this tropical island delight. Drink with: Add 1000ml of white rum
Cosmopolitian – One for the sophisticated lady. Cranberry juice with fresh lime. Drink with: 1000ml of White Rum

Coyote Ugly Green in colour. passionfruit, mango, blackcurrant & orange. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka Fruit Tingle
This will send a tingle through your body. A mix of grenadine, raspberry and blue lemonade. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Kamikaze – Lemon, lime and melon.
Drink with: 750ml of vodka and 250ml of Triple Sec
Kiwi KissThis one is choice, fresh kiwi, sweet as. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka

Lemon Twist – This one packs a punch and will get the party started. Drink with: 1000ml of Tequila Lemon, Lime & Bitters
A classic bar favourite now in slushie form Drink with: 1000ml of vodka
Lemonade – As tasty as the old neighborhood lemonade stand Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Lime Breezer – Delicious and refreshing. Lime, lime and more lime. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Mai Tai – Enjoy the island life on this one. Drink with: 500ml dark rum and 500ml white rum
Mango Daiquiri – Taste of summertime. Mango with lemon juice and sweet and sour mix. Drink with: 1000ml of White Rum
Margarita – Add some Mexican flair to your party. Lime and lemon flavour. Drink with: 650ml of Tequila & 350ml of Cointreau
Midori Alluzion – One of our most popular. A fresh blend of pineapple and Midori. Drink with: 500ml of Vodka & 500ml of Midori li
Mojito – One to sip by the pool. Lime juice, mint and sugar. Drink with: 1000ml of White Rum
Orange Breeze – It’s all about fun. A smooth citrus mixture. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Pina Colada – A cool coconut cocktail. Coconut milk with pineapple. Drink with: 1000ml of White Rum
Pineapple Punch -Simple & Tasty. Fabulous Pineapple. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Pink Lemonade – Book this flavour and 10% of profits go to the Breast Cancer Foundation Drink with: 1000ml of vodka
Raspberry Crusier- A lovely raspberry taste. Raspberry flavour. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Sex on the Beach A sexy blend of cranberry, peach and triple sec. Drink with: 1000ml of Vodka
Southern Delight – A cola base to go with Southern Comfort Drink with: Add 1000ml of Southern Comfort
Strawberry Daiquiri – Our most popular choice. Strawberries and a squeeze of lime. Drink with: 100
0ml of White Rum
Tequila Sunrise – Lip, sip, suck, Tequila! Orange, grenadine and lime. Drink with: 1000ml of Tequila
Tropical Crush – A smooth blend of pineapple, orange and passionfruit. Drink with: 1000ml of vodka



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